Inhale. Feel your ribs getting bigger, your chest expanding. Do you feel your belly filling with air? That’s breath, that’s what gives you life. Take a moment right now, close your eyes and inhale deeply into the bottom of your belly, of your being. Borrow this breath, this energy. Hold it, for a moment. Experience this moment, this breath. This: that which all life is, hold it, keep it.

Exhale. Release what needs to be let go. Breathe out the anger, the sadness, the sorrow. Let it escape out of the tips of your fingers, the soles of your feet. Relish in this exhale. Repeat this, several times. Put intention into your breath, make your inhales last until your belly feels like it’s starting to rip open! Exhale until you get a tickle in your throat, until you strain for air. Repeat.

Breathe life into your body, your soul. Breathe for serenity, breathe for you.



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