I’m exhausted. The soles of my feet are achey and my eyelids are heavy. Carrying around a heavy bag all day, my shoulders are knotted like a chain link fence. Day to day life is taking precedence over my writing, and that’s always a shame. Three exams next week – trying to figure out how to triage my studying. Sacrifice the one that’s worth the least? I should probably put in an effort with all of them. Dirty bastards.

Bones are sore. Weary from the cold air. Bloated belly and sore fingers from ripping off my nails one by one with my teeth. Ouch. Halfway done this final semester, so close I can taste it!

Should I nap? Write? Study? Clean? Yoga? Read? Blegh. Sleep sounds about right…


5 thoughts on “Weary.

    1. What a wonderful thing to hear about ones writing ! Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it.
      Did you have a favourite ?!


      1. I haven’t quite finished, but I can relate with the one on hermit habits. It makes me miss writing, I think I got rusty or just tired. Two jobs and as many kids as I have, and you wouldn’t want to do much, either.


      2. I often struggle to find the energy and i don’t have any kids! I have to force myself to write even when I don’t have an idea – to make it a habit. Heh


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