Two Steps Behind.

“See that boat over there? I bet you, if the breeze is just right, I can land a rock right in it.” He smirked. The boat was about a three quarters of a football field away. Even on a good day, I doubt my throwing arm would make that shot. Harvey was always going on about what he could do and rarely about what he couldn’t. Full grown man stuck in a cycle of persistent competition with his former, childhood self.

“Alright tell you what,” I laughed, “If you make that shot, the first rounds on me.” Seeing his intrigue, I stepped back to let him get his perfect shot. Spinning around with force, he whipped the rock and it fell short of the boat about half a yard.

“Ah,” I patted him on the back, “better luck next time. But hey – first rounds on me anyway.”


Word count: 147. This is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, a weekly photo challenge, graciously hosted by Priceless Joy.


10 thoughts on “Two Steps Behind.

  1. Harvey’s maintained a youthful and confident spirit! His rock might’ve fallen short of the boat, but he actually went for it. He threw the rock with everything he had and showed that he still believed in himself. And the narrator softened the blow of falling short by offering to buy drinks anyway. Just as children, we all need that kind of care, support, and empathy from others. A very nice piece (even if my interpretation differs from what you were going for)!


  2. Wonderful story and highlights the competitive and child-like self still inside us. I found myself worring that he would make the throw and hit someone in the other boat! LOL So I was secretly glad he didn’t make the throw. That is sweet of his friend to treat him as a winner anyway.

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