The Pulse

Lily gazed upwards and was presented with a periwinkle and orchid coloured sky. After enduring over 10,000 steps, her feet had finally brought her to this final destination. She looked through a green tinted window where she saw shadows and figures skittering about. She hesitated for a moment, drawing the courage to put her hand on the glass. She felt the pulse of the room. Thump thump. Thump thump. Gasping, she withdrew her hand, hot like coals, and put it back in her coat pocket. Spinning on her feet, she promptly made her way to the front door of the school. With the slightest of hesitation she knocked on the door. Three swift bangs. The door creaked as it made its way open, where a frail, ghastly presence stood.

“We’ve been expecting you,” it whispered, a breeze ran through the door, “come in.”

As she made her first step into the school, she found herself. Again.


This is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, lovingly hosted by Priceless Joy. Photo credit to the wonderful


12 thoughts on “The Pulse

    1. Aw – you’re such a love. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments you give me every week. It gives me motivation to keep writing knowing someone likes my stories!
      Thanks for being great and hosting each challenge – it’s such a great way to connect with fellow story tellers. :))

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