Writing 101 – Serially Lost

I’m SO sick today, and it took all my energy to sit up and write something. But I did it! Look! 

It came with warning, but this wasn’t the first time it had happened. We were only moderately prepared. It usually happened far away from our home, but this time, it reached us. Rain fell for most of the day, and as I drove into the town I had anticipated only a moderate amount of disaster. Rain pattering, dogs barking I carried out helping my mom for the day. CBC echoed in the background, a flood warning was in effect for the town and surrounding areas.

“It happens every 5 years or so, lucky for us we’re not close to the river.” My mom said aloud, reassuring herself as much as I. Lights passed over the curtains, red and white. The fire department.

“Mom!” I shouted, “The fire department is coming, we should probably leave!” In the basement, she didn’t hear my shouts. It was true that it happens a lot, but this year was different. 2013, the year that would changed my moms life.

I pulled the curtain back to see the fire trucks parked in the middle of the street. I shouted again at my mother. We rushed to gather essentials. Diapers, cell phones, food, clothes. What do you take with you when you fear you may never return? The fire marshall banged on our front door. I opened it to his shouting – mandatory evacuation. I looked over his shoulder, a wall of water was crawling down the street, toward our house. Murky, brown and determined to engulf our lives. My mother and I each grabbing a child, we rush out to the truck as fast as our feet can take us.

I get into my car – leaving my mother and siblings to their own devices. As I bulldoze through a massive puddle, I bite my nails. We couldn’t find our cat, Nico. Food on the counter, memories in the basement, I wondered when I would see our home again, and if it would ever be the same again.


8 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Serially Lost

  1. I’m so sorry that you had to lose your home in such a devastating way 😦 What happened to Nico? Please tell me he made it 😥 Although I’m so glad you and your family were safe!
    And this was a beautifully written post, my friend. Depressing, but still very perfectly written.


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