Serially Lost; Part 2 – Serially Found

This is the second instalment of my serially lost series. The first part is found here.

In certain parts of the town, the water has rose to the tops of first floors. The fire department rode around the town on boats saving lost cats and dogs. For those that were worried – yes, they made it to our home to rescue our sweet cat, Nico. I made my way back to the city to be with my husband. I watched my television in horror as the water swept through the city as well as the town. My mother was left with two children to contend with six weeks without a home. At first they stayed with our friends and family but it proved to be too difficult with two little ones. They eventually wound up in a campground just outside our little town. In the dead heat of the summer, my mom rose weary every morning and struggled to get the kids to bed every night. She stayed away from the house – waiting to hear when it would be approved for her to return. I waited anxiously to be able to gain access to my second home again.

Once access was granted to our home again, my mom and the kids returned. Luckily, the water level had remind below the top floor. We were also lucky to find that the water at it’s peak, sat right below the electrical box. We exhaled knowing that we were lucky, and that others had it much worse. Close to all of our things in the basement were ruined. Everything had to be thrown out and replaced. We lost a lot of things when my mom returned. All of our photos, memories. Pictures that I had drawn when I was in grade school. All gone.


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