The New Order

Escaping the mass evacuation we had found ourselves at the bottom of Angel Falls. I cupped my hands and dipped them into the cool water. Bringing the water to my mouth, I felt the cold water run down my throat. Derek looked up at the throng of people shuffling across the wobbly bridge towards camp.

“We have about 20 minutes before they realize we’re gone, Kat.” He whispered. Our eyes connected, and we both knew that it was time to move on. In the distance the sky filled with smoke and the earth rumbled. Sirens and gunshots.

“Lets go.” I groaned. The echo of the leaders message rippled through the trees. This is the new order, if you chose to fight against the order, you will be taken care of. I grabbed his arm and we disappeared into the forest.


This is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo graciously provided by Etol Bagam.


12 thoughts on “The New Order

  1. And so the escape continues… It’s frightening to think that events similar to this have actually happened, and people must flee for their lives. This piece is intriguing because it reads like the beginning of a longer story. You’ve left us wondering ‘what happens next…?’


      1. Now, extending it wouldn’t be a good idea on FFfAW. A few weeks ago, PJ asked that no one write serials in future. But you could always extend it on your own posts. I’m sure you could make a great longer story out of it. 🙂


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